We are a boutique law firm based in Lima, Peru, specialized in real estate, urban, contract and family law, committed to personalized customer service. We have extensive experience in advising on and litigating in civil, criminal and administrative law matters, as well as on matters related to private international law.

Our expertise qualifies us to advise our clients on urban development projects, such as shopping malls, housing developments, hotels, private hospitals, universities, warehouses, among other infrastructure projects; on possession and property law contracts, such as purchases/sales, leases, pledges, trusts, usufructs and land rights, as well as other contracts related to real estate transactions; and on divorce proceedings, custody and visitation rights, domestic violence, deprivation of civil rights, separation of property; and on conciliations and settlements.

Our attorneys specialize in specific areas of the legal system, including urban and real estate law, civil and contract law, family estate management, family law, family litigation on civil, administrative and criminal matters, corporate and tax law, and consumer defense, offering their services in Lima as well as in other major cities of Peru.

The nature of urban and real estate law encourages the firm to work closely with professionals in other fields such as engineers, architects, road builders and environmentalists, which enables us to offer a true interdisciplinary service.

Our founder, MarĂ­a de los Angeles Murillo, has contributed to the drafting of legislation, including the Land Registry Creation Act, the General Urban Habilitation Act and its regulations, the Urban Building Regularization Act, the Integrated Cadastre Creation Act, the General Expropriation Act, and to the creation of the Notarial Acquisitive Prescription, and the Condominium Property Act Reform. Murillo has also contributed to the drafting of pledge bills, among other regulations. Furthermore, she has advised the Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Agriculture, the Special Land Titling and Rural Cadastre Project (PETT), the National Superintendence of Public Registries (SUNARP), and the Commission for the Formalization of Informal Property (COFOPRI) on matters related to ownership and the elimination of red tape. Ms. Murillo has taught the Property Rights course at Universidad de Lima and Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

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